Himalayan Welfare Organization-HWO


Himalayan Welfare Organization Pahalagm,with collaboration SSA Zone Aishmuqam,Municipal Committee Pahalgam,Tourism Office Pahalgam,Pahalgam Hotel/Guest House Owners Union organize "No Tobacco,Drug Addiction"seminar at Town Hall Pahalgam on 03-06-2013.

Tobacco kills 10 lakh every year in India’ Drinking Of Wine/Beer Kills Brain Cells.... Illegal drugs kills millions people every year in the world.

Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), a nationwide survey on tobacco users, conducted by the Central Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with the help of World Health Organisation (WHO) covering a population of 69,000 in India, said 10 lakh people die every year in India due to consumption of tobacco. There are 274.9 million tobacco users in India.

In West Bengal the survey reports are being released by WHO in collaboration with the Cancer Foundation of India (CFI), a non-government organisation, dedicated to campaign towards the prevention of cancer and its control.

According to the survey, 36.3 per cent of adult population in West Bengal consumes tobacco in any form, which is above the national average. The survey conducted over 3,183 zones in West Bengal has revealed that 52 per cent men use tobacco while 17.8 per cent women use tobacco as zarda and gutka. Around 68.9 per cent of women are exposed to second-hand smoking at home and 51.2 per cent men are exposed to second-hand smoking at work places.

To sensitise the people about the alarming effects of tobacco, CFI is organising campaigns across the districts against the use of tobacco products. Campaigns have been launched to spread awareness among the people regarding the ill-effects of using tobacco leading to diseases like cancer, lung and heart ailments.